In the education term of 2016-2017, 62 students were registered to our faculty of medicine of the university and the education activities began. The university had been waiting for these registrations for a long time and they provided the university to gain prestige.  The rector of the university Prof. Dr. Vatan Karakaya, who had been following closely the physical sufficencies and the process of the student education, came together with the students of medicine on March 30, 2017.  Vice Rector Prof. Dr Ahmet Gökbel and Vice Rector Prof Dr Mustafa Kurt, the Dean of the Faculty Prof Dr Mustafa Kasım Karahocagil, Vice-Dean Asst. Prof Mehmet Metin and Vice-Dean Asst. Prof Zeynel Erbesler accompanied the Rector.   



Prof Dr Vatan Karakaya, who had been investigating the medical skills and anatomy laboratories that are assigned to the students of medicine in the Faculty of Science and Letters and in the Central Investigation and Practice Labs, gained information about the sufficiencies of the laboratories.


Mentioning his close interest to the student problems and underlining the importance of the solution ways to these problems, Rector Karakaya expressed his and university admission’s sensitivity for this issue. Stating that being a doctor is full of sacrifices, Prof Dr Vatan Karakaya told that it is necessary for the students not only try to pass the lessons but also participate actively in the lessons trying to comprehend and learn.



Prof Dr Vatan Karakaya later spent time with the students participating the lessons in the wet and dry areas of the anatomy lab.